Eels, long water creature, like a snake, but is not venomous. Used to live in holes in the fields or near small rivers or irrigation channels in the fields. These creatures include fish or what I do not know. Problem haram or halal I also do not know, most importantly, taste delicious when fried. Eels usually appear at night when the new rice harvest is completed or when they soaked in water. At such times it would be easy to catch eels (usually done at night, carrying a torch or lamp petromak called nyuluh of its origin or illuminating torches with lights). At night when eels were out, bright beam of light will create a slippery beast was silent so it can be easily captured. In the harvest season like that, usually elementary school children like me, Ari, and Riza, was ready since the afternoon to catch eels. Batteries, lamps, buckets, and the knife is laid to catch eels. We are then in the evening went to the field behind my house. At that adults who came with us was Mr. Jim a barber once a pedicab driver neighbor. We went together to the field. On arrival at our field immediately illuminates the flooded rice fields, dozens of eel looks wandering in the fields. When exposed to light, the eels would be silent and we will hit the eel’s head with a knife, eel will die and put in a bucket. That’s how we busy looking for eels to be a bucket full.
When we walked hand in hand in the rice field, suddenly appeared to my left, a large and long Weling snake. We did not dare move, the snake kept walking past us. Weling snake bite is very deadly. After the snake was passing us up to the dry road and decided to go home. Since that incident we never again find eels at night. If we wanted to eat eels, so we gave cyanide (poison) in the fields. But of course the way it was dangerous because of all the water animals will die and his land is also contaminated toxic. Moreover, owners of rice fields would get angry if he knew his field were potash, because it would destroy rice crops. Finally we chose a practical way, buy.