guided by ghost
This story happened in my childhood. At that time the motor vehicle not as much now. The highway was deserted, only one or in two vehicles. Always went everywhere on foot. Walking makes the body healthy. That night, I was with Ari and Riza were heading to the village Peniwen a distance of approximately 5 km. In order to quickly get us through the shortcut often we passed during the day. Between my village and the village Peniwen limited by bamboo forests, rivers, and fields. We passed through a bamboo forest without a flashlight, torches, lights, or anything to light the way. We felt it was memorized, because we often pass that way. In addition, there are areas that we passed some houses that despite the distance apart but there is light we can make the guidelines. We walked hand in hand while talking, so do not feel we’ve been through bamboo forests, across rivers, and through the rice fields. We arrived in the village Peniwen safely.
For fear of late, we go home, not too long in the village Peniwen. The time was around 19:00, a lot of houses that have been turned off the lights. The road getting dark. Especially when we entered the bamboo forest, the darkness is getting real.
“Well, it was getting dark. Unable to see anything!” Riza said.
“We quickened our steps!” I said.
Suddenly in front of me I see people wearing mukena (white garment used by women who are Muslims to prayer).
“Let’s just follow her, hurry!”
So we followed the woman wearing white mukena. The white color of mukena it allows us to see in the dark. We continued to follow the woman until we arrived at the light. When it reached the light, suddenly she was not seen again.
“Why, where a woman wearing a white mukena?” I asked.
We looked around, but no one is passing.
“Well, perhaps it is not a human being?” Ari said.
“Yes, let’s get out of here,” I said.
We immediately rushed to leave the place and did not dare look back, into the bamboo forest. Maybe there is a creature dressed in white clothes looking at us from the darkness in the bamboo forest.