Oktober 2012

guided by ghost
This story happened in my childhood. At that time the motor vehicle not as much now. The highway was deserted, only one or in two vehicles. Always went everywhere on foot. Walking makes the body healthy. That night, I was with Ari and Riza were heading to the village Peniwen a distance of approximately 5 km. In order to quickly get us through the shortcut often we passed during the day. Between my village and the village Peniwen limited by bamboo forests, rivers, and fields. We passed through a bamboo forest without a flashlight, torches, lights, or anything to light the way. We felt it was memorized, because we often pass that way. In addition, there are areas that we passed some houses that despite the distance apart but there is light we can make the guidelines. We walked hand in hand while talking, so do not feel we’ve been through bamboo forests, across rivers, and through the rice fields. We arrived in the village Peniwen safely.
For fear of late, we go home, not too long in the village Peniwen. The time was around 19:00, a lot of houses that have been turned off the lights. The road getting dark. Especially when we entered the bamboo forest, the darkness is getting real.
“Well, it was getting dark. Unable to see anything!” Riza said.
“We quickened our steps!” I said.
Suddenly in front of me I see people wearing mukena (white garment used by women who are Muslims to prayer).
“Let’s just follow her, hurry!”
So we followed the woman wearing white mukena. The white color of mukena it allows us to see in the dark. We continued to follow the woman until we arrived at the light. When it reached the light, suddenly she was not seen again.
“Why, where a woman wearing a white mukena?” I asked.
We looked around, but no one is passing.
“Well, perhaps it is not a human being?” Ari said.
“Yes, let’s get out of here,” I said.
We immediately rushed to leave the place and did not dare look back, into the bamboo forest. Maybe there is a creature dressed in white clothes looking at us from the darkness in the bamboo forest.


Eels, long water creature, like a snake, but is not venomous. Used to live in holes in the fields or near small rivers or irrigation channels in the fields. These creatures include fish or what I do not know. Problem haram or halal I also do not know, most importantly, taste delicious when fried. Eels usually appear at night when the new rice harvest is completed or when they soaked in water. At such times it would be easy to catch eels (usually done at night, carrying a torch or lamp petromak called nyuluh of its origin or illuminating torches with lights). At night when eels were out, bright beam of light will create a slippery beast was silent so it can be easily captured. In the harvest season like that, usually elementary school children like me, Ari, and Riza, was ready since the afternoon to catch eels. Batteries, lamps, buckets, and the knife is laid to catch eels. We are then in the evening went to the field behind my house. At that adults who came with us was Mr. Jim a barber once a pedicab driver neighbor. We went together to the field. On arrival at our field immediately illuminates the flooded rice fields, dozens of eel looks wandering in the fields. When exposed to light, the eels would be silent and we will hit the eel’s head with a knife, eel will die and put in a bucket. That’s how we busy looking for eels to be a bucket full.
When we walked hand in hand in the rice field, suddenly appeared to my left, a large and long Weling snake. We did not dare move, the snake kept walking past us. Weling snake bite is very deadly. After the snake was passing us up to the dry road and decided to go home. Since that incident we never again find eels at night. If we wanted to eat eels, so we gave cyanide (poison) in the fields. But of course the way it was dangerous because of all the water animals will die and his land is also contaminated toxic. Moreover, owners of rice fields would get angry if he knew his field were potash, because it would destroy rice crops. Finally we chose a practical way, buy.

tiga sahabat

three friends

Tiger is a black mutt, at first glance like a doberman, but smaller. Tiger is a dog who is very brave and reckless, he was never afraid to face any kind of dog, all will be resisted. If it gets lost in a fight, he will continue to pursue the enemy until the enemy surrendered. Originally Tiger was a small dog sick and worms, until like discarded by their owners, but not so. Since childhood, Tiger already apparent bravery, when invited to a trip to the field, he likes to chase the ducks are being grazed. When large, she is brave, she often fought with two dogs owned by Mr. Rudi. Tiger is always mobbed, but as usual, Tiger never fear, though beaten he continues to fight. If it falls he gets up again and attack again until the enemy fled in fear. One day a neighbor brought a big hairy dog ​​came from Papua. Dogs of Papua was named Bomel. Originally Tiger and Bomel fight if met, but ultimately they are friends. After that, came the little white dog that no owner, and the dog is fed and nurtured come with Tiger. White dog was a female and was named Molly. Then the three dogs became friends, everywhere always together. When faced with an enemy also help each other. Sometimes a collection of dogs of the village next to the only dwelling in the distance did not dare to approach if there are three friendly dogs who were on guard in the village. Other dogs of the village were reluctant and afraid to go in because there was Tiger and Bomel.
Their relationship grew close, especially after Molly and Bomel married, and she gave birth to five cute kids. Unfortunately, because no one cared, five puppies died.
One night, when three friends were playing, Molly cross the highway and was hit by a car and died. Bomel who saw the incident seemed very sad. She would not eat for days until finally found dead on the banks of the river a few days later. Bome corpse thrown into a river watched by Tiger, his friend left.
A few days later, Tiger did not go home and no one saw it again until now.





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